Thursday, November 17, 2016

Have You Had Enough?

Thank you all for the well wishes and for listening to all the surgery talk/whine.

I am hoping to blog bit in the next few weeks and I'll throw some knitting into…grin

I know it is not going to be easy for the next 10 weeks, because for over 45 years I've been working, the last 40, at least 5 days a week.  I've always been mobile, been able to hop in the car when I want to, up and down the stairs on a whim, and heck even going into the bathroom unassisted.  This is not going to be fun, sitting back and knitting and watching it snow.  And frankly for the next 6 months, I'll probably moan about the swollen foot every other day, but in the grand scheme of things and as I told my super assistant Barb, the guy in the cubicle next to us has been in a wheel chair for over 13 years ago I am sure when I am whining, is saying if only it was just about being off of a foot for 10 weeks.

It is all about perspective, now isn't it?!

On December 1st, I am participating in a KAL with a bunch of others on Ravelry and some of my fellow Knit Wit friends.  Just about then, I'll be needing this.

In the mean time, in the words of Elizabeth Zimmermann - Knit on in confidence and hope…

I'll catch you on the Purl Side and Thanks!

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