Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Getting Ready For Surgery

is like getting ready for vacations, whether they be a knitting vacation, or a family vacation.  For a knitter, going on any vacation,  before even thinking about what clothes to pack, a knitter starts thinking about the knitting they are going to take.  What patterns will they feel like knitting?  Should they pack extra needles?

So with an impending surgery coming up tomorrow, and knowing that I will not be able to just trot up the stairs to the yarn room or downstairs for blocking for at least 4 weeks (optimistically), I've been giving it quite a thought as to what I want to have fairly close by to work on while I hang out ( you saw my whats on the needles post last Sunday)

I started a few weeks ago making some lists, and I came up with a really brilliant idea, why not concentrate on some of my WIPS?  Wouldn't it be fun to come out on the other side of 10 weeks without working and basically hanging out at home with some finished projects?  (Sounds really cool to me)

Besides what you saw on Sunday, I have a nice little bag of goodies at the ready.


 There is one next to my bed, where I'm going to hang out for a couple of days to start with.

Ok, and yes, full disclosure, there might be a couple of things that I am just dying to cast on and knit that are not WIPS and the  yarn has a few skeined and ready to go.  

I am just hoping my knitting friends might take pity on me and wind a few extra if I send up the bat signal.

Happy Hump Day!  Here in Central IL, it is another drop dead gorgeous November day. 

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