Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Wednesday WIP

Despite a unplanned trip today to the doc to confirm that their new best guess is tendonitis in both hands, but more in the right than left, I do have a WIP that is a must knit right now.  And with braces on both hands, I can still do a bit of knitting without pain.

Over four years ago, you may remember I knit a stocking for Mona Lisa.  At the time, we were all calling her by her short name so that is what is on the stocking.  Fast forward to now, where she is being called by the long version and her parents wanted me to change the name on the stocking.  

Now in order to do that, it requires some new knitting, a lot of finagling since there just does not seem to be enough stitches and major surgery to get the two together.  I'll blog when there is a finished project and it is in the mail to them.

In the mean time in Central Illinois today - nope this is not snow, it is hail.  LOL!

And at this posting, it is still 61 degrees.  Not bad for the 2nd of November!  Happy Hump Day!

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