Saturday, November 12, 2016

Knitting Video Casts

I love You Tube!  And now that we have our Amazon Fire Stick, I can watch my knitting video casts on our t.v.  Here are some that I tune into and I'll be catching up on later next week:

The Yarn Hoarder
Stockinette Zombies
Knit Girllls
Grocery Girls
Dramatic Knits
Legacy Knitz
Fruity Knitting
In a sKnit
Bakery Bears
Kristy Glass Knits
Fiber Trek
A Homespun House
Dye Another Day
Knitting Expat
Stitching the High Notes
The Fat Squirrel Speaks
The Gentle Knitter
Tilly Trout

It is quite the list, now isn't it!

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