Sunday, November 13, 2016

What's On the Needles This Week?

I have always been quite open about my knitting WIPS.  So, when you see this week's on the needles, you may be surprised to see what I've brought forward.  It is no secret, I like to cast on projects, I like thinking about them, imagining how it will feel to work on them and to finally finished them.

Next Thursday, I am having foot surgery.  I'll be non-weight baring for probably at least a month and off of work totally for about 10 weeks.  And it is my right foot, so I am not sure exactly at one point I will be driving anywhere.

With that all in mind, I've got a nice little bag of WIPS by my chair ready to be knitted on.  I thought while I was off and sitting around doing nothing, I might just as well see if I can get some needles back in their case and finish some things.  (IF) the hands cooperate, but we'll worry about that when the good pain meds wear off.

First up, is the Honey Cowl for Baby Boy B's girlfriend.  The yarn is Cascade's Dolce leftover from a nice cable sweater I knit years ago.  The girlfriend likes pink, at least that is what I hear and she has to walk aways into work from her car, so I thought a nice fluffy, alpaca cowl might be handy.

Next up is Mona Lisa's hat for Christmas.  These are the only two Christmas knits I want to have done for Christmas, so I should be able to make that timeframe.

A couple of years back, I loved loved a sweater that Bonne Marie of Chic Knits knit.  It is a simple cardi out of a turquoise yarn, but what sold it for me was some super red buttons she added to it.  I just had to duplicate it.  It is the perfect recovery project as right now there is about 18 inches to be just done in plain stockinette.

In between meds, I am hoping to be able to knit a bit more on my snood.  I've got all the yarns wound, but just have not been able to show it any love for sometime and the hands can only knit so small of a needle right now.

Another great project for recovery which does not require a whole lot of thought is my Hap Shawl by Denise Bell.  Lots of garter and only have to remember to increase at the start and not at the end.

Second sock syndrome - my second Smooth Operator Sock is cast on and waiting.

And a fall shawl.  Not sure how much I will knit on this one, but hey, if I get it done this year, it will be all ready for next Fall.  You know when I'll have a nice new foot.

And the fingerless mitts out of Briar Rose Wistful.  These will come in handy later when it starts to act like Fall, and I need some warmth on my hands while sitting around watching Hallmark and knitting.

And last but not really, just last in the bag next to me, my Nancy's vest from Carol Sunday.  Small needles and small yarn, but it is some nice yarn, I'm telling you!  More stockinette of which I think I'll be grateful to have by my side.

So stay tuned for next Sunday's What's On the Needles.  I have a feeling it may be a repeat of this week!

Have a great week!!

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