Friday, November 11, 2016

Finally Finished Friday

A couple of items this week.

Poppy's Christmas Hat  - I bought the kit at Stitches Midwest from the Steven Be booth.  It is from DMC and it is called Top This.

The skein had three yarns in it that went from a cord to a beige to a fluffy yarn. But, I did not realize it until way after I snipped what I thought was a bad frayed yarn at the start.  When I came to the very top of the hat and had more frayed yarn, I decided to look at the label.

Hmmm, 3 textures.  Moral of the story, read the label...

Also, finished this Friday, is a Hospice blanket finished for yesterday.  The home is a little low on blankets for men and I happened to have one on the needles in the wip patch.  

And finally for this Friday, the 11th of November.  It's Veteran's Day!  Thank you!!

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