Saturday, October 29, 2005

I am going to whine, only one more time!

Really, I will only whine one last time. You know its bad when you wake up with a headache. This has been one busy week. I still have so much to do and it does not involve knitting. I have shows out the whazoo to close (still have to meet with two tomorrow and later this week) and enter.

Today, I am going to get a handle on it, so I can enjoy some of my next week. I am going to start by cleaning this desk off, getting the piles in order, orders keyed in, I will at least vacuum around me and then I am going to head to the basement to take my warm clothes out and put the hot ones away. I have not broke out the coats yet, but I think I am even going to break down and do that.

Tonight, I have to go to the birthday party for the poncho girl. It is not done so I broke down and bought a Barbie thing from the pink aisle last night. I will finish the ponch later this weekend and give it to her when it is done.

After all of the above is accomplished, I am going to reward myself with a week of knitting. Yes, I will be mostly knitting on scarves until the Bazaar on Thursday, but once that is done, I am knitting just what I want!

Thanks for listening to me whine, I am done now and I promise to be better, really I will.

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