Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I got my books on Saturday from Knit Picks. Love that place, order at least $30 and shipping is free, so of course you know I did. I am reading Yarn Harlot slowly. a little bit at a time and enjoying it. It is different than her first book which was full of Knit Wit and I saw myself in many of the pages. This one is more short stories but are entertaining. I very much can identify with the wedding sweaters. It reminds me of a sweater that I crocheted for Bob many many years ago.

Bob is a tall man and I wanted it to fit so I crocheted the heck out of it. It was way too big everywhere so I put it in the washer and dryer. When you want something to shrink it doesn't. And it didn't. It was a hoot, he posed for a picture for it and never wore it again. I don't think I ever "finished" another one for him.

I am still making my way through Sally's book. This morning I noticed a wrap I might like to do, I think mainly because of the colors, browns and such. At first notice it looked like something other than a wrap on Sally and I think that is what drew me to it.

As funny as it seems, I am actually seriously looking at both of these.

The skirt just looks interesting but okay so I won't actually wear it, but I could see it on someone, really I could. And the sweater, well does that not just reach out and say it is Penny?! You know it does! It has 2 of the prereq colors, Caribe Blue and Lime.

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