Monday, October 17, 2005

On Friday, I picked up a two knitting magazines. I really need to start sitting down and looking at magazines before I just pick them up. Simply Knitting was a whole lot of ads featuring companies from England. I didn't realize until after I opened and starting looking at it that I paid for $8.99 for it. It's doubtful that there is anything in it that I will ever make.

The Knit It! from Better Homes and Gardens was an interesting look at, but it too was a waste. It features a lot of items made out of Lion Brand yarn and I somehow forgot that in between printings. There was a couple of interesting bags, one felted. And a color combination in a scarf for a male gave me an idea for a future project. The one thing this magazine does do is some little helpful hints through out the pattern section along with color pictures of the project so you don't have to keep flipping back to find the original page.

Both magazines gave a little knitting something to look at while I waited for my Knit Picks order to come. It finally did on Saturday and I have just done a quick look through on Sally Melville and read a couple of chapters of Yarn Harlot, that blog post will be another day.

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