Monday, October 31, 2005

While cleaning in my closet on Saturday, I ran across a shopping bag. It had odds and ends of some yarns and a partially made moebius along with a sweater from Sally Melville's very first book. I threw it all away. Now, before you all faint, for the most part their wasn't much in the bag, they were leftovers and the sweater was from a time when I was a little heavier and it was no where near complete! But, there was one more thing in the bag, this---

I think I bought this kit at the very first TKGA event I attended years ago up in Lansing Michigan with my friend Julie. At the same time I bought the kit for the yellow and black bee sweater from Monkey Suits. The bee sweater is in another box somewhere in the basement. As I recall it is in pieces, it just needs to be finished. I will get to it eventually, but isn't this kit cute? And the best part is that it is still in the plastic, so I don't think the cigarette smell that once was a part of everything in the basement made it into the yarn. But what really counts is the memories it brings back. What fun shopping and knitting and being with friends is!

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