Friday, October 07, 2005

I have been very lax in my blogging recently. Mainly because I just did not have much to report on that was really worth reading. A few weeks ago I blogged about a couple of things that I want to touch on for just an update on.

I was knitting scarves for a benefit that is coming up on October 21 in Bartonville. I have turned over those scarves to my friend Kristy so they are now complete. They totaled 11 and I hope they make some money on them, since this is a worthwhile benefit for a young single mother who has cancer. The last scarf was a red fun fur scarf and we are teaming it up with the Lady in Red lia sophia earrings and calling the Lady in Red. What fun...

So now that I finished that round of scarves I am onto another round that need to be done by November for a Bazaar at work. I am going to sell them and the proceeds are going to our Girls' Holiday Party Fund.

The other thing I touched on in the blog is my great list of WIPS with all the needles out there in them. I finished a scarf today that has mittens to match and was able to cross off, and put away in their appropriate plastic sleeve one set of needles. What a sense of accomplishment that was. At least for me. Only 19 on my list to go. And that list is just the ones I am owning up to for now!

So you see, it may not be a great blog read, but boy do I feel good about it!

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