Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I'm On Deadlines

Really, I am. The next time I turn around it is going to be November and I am going to be glad of it. This week will seriously be over, before I even have a chance to see it. In some respects it is good, cause I have alot of lia sophia business to take care of, but in others (knitting) it stinks.

At the moment, I am knitting on deadline stuff, not stuff I want to be knitting on. I am knitting a poncho out of a woolease I bought some years ago. I sent the back half with a coworker to her church on Sunday to measure it up against a four year old there. She came back and said it was too short, but then the more we talked, if I add fringe it might be okay but my intended recepient (has to be done by Saturday at 5:00 p.m.) for her to wear this year, but not in the Spring probably. And I don't have much yarn left. So I went to Michael's last night, hoping to find one more skein of it, of course there isn't any, I didn't expect there to be! So I am going to keep knitting on the second piece and soon will cut fringe for both and then see what I have left. I will take the yarn and knit on both til it is gone and that will be it. I'm thinkin a nice book from Barnes and Noble is in order, don't you?

My next deadline for knitting is next Thursday. I am knitting scarves for our Bazaar at work. The proceeds (after I take my yarn $) out are going towards a Christmas party we have for just the girls. I thought I would have more (back from the benefit last Friday) but it seems that what they didn't sell, they gave away as door prizes. So I need to knit some of those.

After that I promise, I really do, that it is back to some long awaited socks. Cause it is getting sock weather! By the time the socks are done it will be Thanksgiving, and I can be one again knitting just for me! Talk about wishing your life away.

Tonight is Knitting at Lakeview Library. I am looking forward to seeing everybody and just sitting and knitting. It will be the poncho, but perhaps it will be nearer to being finished and then onto scarves!

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