Sunday, October 02, 2005

I Have Scads To Do Today!

I have laundry to do (and I have been working on it since last night). I have lia sophia orders to put in and close before the website clogs up there and I don't get them finished. I have BILLS to pay. I have cleaning to do. I have a couple of scarves that need to be ready to go to the auctioneer list for a benenfit at the end of the month.

But what am I doing? Pondering vests and shrugs to start! I am suppose to be working on the tunic and the scarves! Not deciding what vest to do out of some light caribe blue yarn that a friend gifted me with a year ago. And then the shrug. This bout of warm weather we are suppose to have between today and Wednesday gives me added time to get a plan as to which way to go. Char and Linda - remember the Koigu I bought at SMW? I have 5 skeins of it. Wouldn't that make the Falling Water Shrug really knifty? And then I could still do that easy/quick one out of another yarn I have stored away in the box. OR I could use the light caribe blue above for the ez shrug. OOY!

The last Cardinal home game from their current stadium is on this afternoon. I think I will swatch the shrugs and vest during the game. In between, I will finish the laundry. lia sophia orders are gonna get put in before the game! Hey, I gotta I go!!!!

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