Monday, October 03, 2005

I'm Spinnin!

And I don't mean spinnin yarn. More like spinnin in circles. Blogs are fun to read and catch up on what everyone is doing. But, then you see things you just want to explore and do and buy. Yarn, Books, on and on and on. A trip to Barnes and Noble is on the list for tomorrow before I go to Knit Night at Lakeview.

Yesterday, I was going to go through a box to see if there was appropriate yarn in it for a vest or two and a shrug. Didn't get it done. Did finally get all the laundry done ( I swear it was multiplying as I put it in the washing machine). I managed to get some lia sophia stuff done, but I still can't get one gal to call me back with the info I need. There is a learning lesson there. And I still have another flyer to get out for a party later next week.

I started yet another scarf tonight for the benefit at the end of the month. It is red eyelash and we are going to team it with the Lady In Red Earrings from lia sophia as part of the auction. I still have to finish a scarf in the round I am knitting to go with mittens that match it. And I said I would do a pair of flipflops for a vacation in February basket that is being put together. So, after those three things, I will have everything done I am donating for the auction. They are meeting with the auctioneer on Friday and they want to have everything by then. Then that time line will be done. Before then, I need to hit the Target in Peoria to find a couple of small boxes for some jewelry from lia sophia I am donating too. Guess, I will add that to the list for tomorrow night before knitting at Lakeview.

At the college we are doing a Fall Bazaar the first Thursday in November and I am going to work on some scarves and flipflops for it to sell for myself along with the lia sophia table I am sharing with a fellow advisor. Before you know it, it will be time to knit on Spring/Summer 06. Maybe, I should just cut to the chase and keep working on Spring and Summer. Then I will be ready! And I can't stop spinnin, around not Yarn!

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