Thursday, March 27, 2008


If it was alive, this poor thing would have yelled at me to make up my mind! Through the entire knitting of the Brooks Sweater, it never was really sure if it was going to be the cardigan or the pullover. At times, I thought about using the yarn for a bolero jacket. In some respects that is what I wish I would have done.

Not that I don't like the sweater, but I love the yarn (as in color) that I wanted it in several different sweaters. Even contemplated the Butterfly Jacket from Meg.

When last we saw the sweater I was putting a hem into it. When I went to sew the hem down, I just did not care for it. So, last night I picked up the stitches around the bottom and did a tunic hem out of garter. It appears that it needs some heavy blocking to keep it down. I don't think I have had that happen before.

Any thoughts out there?

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Nancy said...

Since you can't pit in a row of pirl in between without taking out your tunic hem, wonder if a row of applied icord would work?