Sunday, March 16, 2008

It Won't Last

and it is a touch cool out this morning. But, it is so good to see the sun shining. Yesterday, was a bit crappy out, damp and cool.(and last night I hauled out a sweater to wear) cause I always seem to catch the only draft in the arena. The next couple days are going to be a sort of repeat of yesterday's weather, but we can only hope that by next weekend (how did it get to be Easter so quick?) that the sun will start shining all the time.

While the two weekends of high school basketball were alot of fun, I'm glad it's over. Things get left undone. Papers are only read for their sports content, mail sits from Friday and a trip to the grocery store for other my list of stuff has to happen at some point and I won't even tell you how far the laundry gets backed up.

And after along weekend of basketball, you would think one would go home, go to bed and sleep, right? Wrong, after not knitting for most of the weeekend (the games are just too exciting to knit through, at least for me), I plop myself in the chair and thinking about the Rowan yarn and what I could do with it, where I watched a couple of late night movies and fall asleep in the chair (fully clothed) only to wake up the next morning, still sleeping there.

Hey, I get some of my best sleep there and no my back doesn't hurt. But, sometimes I do get a crick in my neck. Can't imagine why.....

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