Saturday, March 29, 2008

Yarn Thinking - It Can Hurt Sometimes

Have you ever thought so hard about something and in the end was right back where you started? Every time I finish a knitting project, I go through the same thing. What to do next? It's maddening! So, I sat down today, and went through a several magazines that I had kept near by and had a look at a couple of sweaters that I have been wanting to do. Not happy with the yarn selections, I had sitting around the house, I went yarn shopping.

Hit Ewe-nique Yarns in Morton first. They were having a great sale so I picked up yarn for one of the sweaters that I have been wanting to do. They had just the color I have been wanting to do it out of. While there, I picked up a couple of skeins of other yarn that I want to test knit a couple of projects out of before I sink the dollars into the whole sweater. My friend Julie taught me that one.

Then, while I was out, I went over to Dunlap. While in route, I had a therapy session via the cell phone with fellow Radical Knitter, Linda. She is the voice of reason. Knit what looks good on you. Knit something that will last. Get another's brutal opinion!

So, now I am armed with more yarn and a clear thought as to what will be the next knitting project. Just teasing you today, pics later. I'm going to plant my butt in the chair with my next project and The Cutting Edge Marathon on Family.

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