Sunday, March 30, 2008

Why Do I Keep Them?

There are times when I am looking at my magazine collection and I wonder if it is time to get rid of some of them. But then what would I get rid of? I could go through them all and just keep those that I might want to knit in the future. Or I could scan them, but wouldn't that take some time and effort?

At first glance, this issue might we one that I would toss. Would I ever even think about knitting any of these in the future? Probably not.
What is this? I wouldn't knit it today, but what if my tastes change or better yet my body style? Would I want to knit it then? Would a future daughter-in-law like it?

Then, out of the blue someone out there in blog land (like the Rainey Sisters) will show a picture of a sweater that I just have to make! Then, where would I be if I had tossed the magazine.
Who knows what hidden article might be lurking out there that back in 2003, I wouldn't have given a second look at, but now five years later am dying to know all I can about the designer.

I'm glad I saved this one.

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