Monday, March 03, 2008

Here We Go Again!

Despite the fact that it was in the mid 60s yesterday, it is not even close to being Spring. The snow is supposed to be coming back and cooler temperatures with it. Hopefully, neither will stay around long. I must admit yesterday I was a little melancholic thinking that the sweater weather is probably past. But, it looks like I'll be able to wear a couple this week!

Aren't these cute? I had to add them to the flip flop collection. I bought a set for me and a set for a friend's birthday later this month. I think she'll get a hoot out them too.

The Mananita is slowly coming to life. I am making myself turn the t.v. off one hour every night and working on it for that hour. Taking a very stress free attitude with it and following the instructions that Ronna over at Ravelry sent me.

I'm chillin Ronna!

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