Sunday, March 02, 2008


That is what yesterday's shopping trip could have a title of. Von Maur is my new best shopping place, but I still don't have a dress. They do, however, continually get dresses in and the sales person told me they had not gotten their March dresses in yet. Which leads me to believe that with three months til the wedding I still could find something there. I did buy a birthday present and something for myself (I'll show tomorrow).

I did also hit Coldwater Creek and a bridal shop on my way home. If I order from the bridal shop, to get a rush on it to get by May could cost around $450 -$500 with alterations. Not happening.

So, to soothe my attitude, I stopped at one of the yarn shops I could find. Didn't buy any yarn, but the owner heard my story of woes on the dress shopping and suggested I look on line at Chadwicks. So, here are two possible options I am leaning toward, the second not so much, but an option.

I am leaning towards ordering this one and seeing how it looks. It has some slight glitz on the top which means that the Mananita would not be needed. The color is okay and I would also rethink the jewelry. I can do that.

This one is only an option, because, I might be able to do the mananita for it, but it is a mint color, which means I might have to go with a cream color for it instead of the caribe blue. The length on this picture is deceiving, it is 20" from the waist, which almost hits me where a tea length would. The sash would go.

If I choose either of these dresses, the caribe blue yarn then could go back to being the shawl I bought it for. What a process this is. For today, I am going back to regular scheduling knitting...I have had enough of worrying about the dress and even the mananita. I feel like I have knitted it several times over. I have Knit Camp knitting to think about!

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