Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Late Night Decisions

One should not, I suppose make late night knitting decisions, but then I am like my father so my mother says.

The Tilted Duster is out. I saw it on several recent blog entries on bodies, and have decided it is just not for me.

There is an old IK pattern that I have been looking at lately. It is a man's sweater and I think it may be a great pattern for my heather green encore. I would just size it down and instead of the little zip that it has at the neck, I would make it into a pullover for me. I think it would be such a nice cozy sweater for next winter! Pics in the next couple of days.

The Manaita is out. After several nights of knitting on it, I am just not feeling the love for it. I think the yarn is just too limp for it. I would prefer just a little more life to it, so I think the unspun icelandic laceweight is a better match. And the largest of the needle with the limp yarn just wasn't making it for me. So, off the mananita came off the needles.

The Caribe Blue Shawl is back on, maybe not for the wedding, but as a possibility. If I can find the original shawl pattern that I bought the Caribe Blue for it may also get pulled out and restarted for it, for another life.

That Caribe Blue yarn sure has been used alot lately.

I started a swatch last night for the Jo Sharp sweater. I just did a couple of rows since it was nearing 12:30 and am not sure that I am up for a entire of knitting that stitch. It's mostly purl stitch combinations and done in pieces. As I went to bed last night, instead of counting sheep (Karen), I was planning how I could convert it to in the round and switch at least one of the rows to knitting instead of purling. I think it can be done.

The baby sweater for the girl at work is on hold. There is just too many things that I want to do for me. We had a shower for her last week and we all went together and bought a car seat and I got the cutest pink outfit and a sweater. I think that and hosting the shower is enough.

I knit a couple of rows also on the Kiri shawl. I think maybe that is the only way that is going to get done. Just a couple of rows every so often.

Now, can't you see why it was 12:30ish when I finally made it to bed! Not to sleep mind you. Oh, and I am ordering the long sleeve dress from Chadwicks today. That was the final decision before I drifted off last night, I think.

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Nancy said...

Chuckle. Nothing would make my mother so mad as when she hissed in desperation, "You're obstinate just like your father!" and I'd get up and walk out telling her sweetly, "Thank you."