Sunday, March 09, 2008

I See A Trend Developing

Do You?

While thumbing through an old IK for something totally unrelated, I happened upon this man's sweater pattern. I like the stitches, but would not make it for any of the men around here (remember, it is all about me at the moment), and I would not put the zip at the neck, but I think it has possibilities in a nice pullover for me for next year out of my heather green Encore that needs to desparately be knitted up.

It has been the test knit yarn for a couple of sweaters that just did not work for me. Or maybe because I had thought so long and hard about them for so long that it seemed like I had knit them. Have you ever had that happen?

I'm afraid that is where I am at with the Mananita. Char brought me a skein of her Icelandic weight so I could start one for me. Now, that I have it in hand, I just can't make myself cast on for it. I think I have lost interest in it.

And when you lose interest in something, it is best not to force it

But, true to form several other projects are formulating in my head today and have slid into the Mananita's place. Unfortunately some of those will require buying some yarn maybe?! That's too bad, now isn't it.

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