Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's A Go

I am off for two whole days. Today will be spent getting the oil changed and then I am doing some shopping. I have two places possibly three that I am going to look for a dress. If there are nothing there to be found, I am ordering three dresses that I found online and we will see.

The Brooks Sweater from the Opinionated Knitter is all but finished except for the hem. I decided to leave it as a pullover, because it looked good on. The first round on the neck had garter stitch but it was way too loose. So, I followed Brooklyn Tweed's lead and did a K1P1rib which fits just right.

The second of my expeditions today will be looking for a slightly lighter weight yarn for the hem. I found this heavier sock weight yarn a few weeks ago that I could use, but it is just way too cool to put in the hem. So, I am going to look for something else today for it. It will be the first time that I have done a hem - that should be interesting.

Now, I have to pull something else out to work on at knitting later tonight. I feel good that this is finally close to being done. One more off of the list.

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