Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hanten KAL

The first couple of pieces held my interest.  Now for the back which is straight garter for about 20 inches.
It's going to be some great knitting while watching the baseball tonight or sitting out on yet another lovely Central Illinois night!

On the plumbing note - we had to have the plumber come out for the upstairs bathroom.  The company who did the bathroom never called  back yesterday, so the Tall Guy called the plumbing company that is exactly two blocks away from us.  They are so close I sit in my back yard and can see their building... charged us a trip charge of $85.  Interesting.  But, good news, the upstairs bathroom is now fully functional.  Seems we have a lot of tree roots attacking both bathrooms these days.

For now, all is well!  We feel better.

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