Friday, August 24, 2012

Three Things That Go Together

Huh PJKnits?  What are you talking about?  These things don't go together.  Well, in the pretty Penny world they do, let me explain.

 Here is yet another book on my quest for perfectly fitting sweaters.  Yes, I bought it sight unseen.  Yes, I know better than to do that, but heck why stop now.  Are there sweaters in it that I will knit? Probably not, but it looks like there might be some really good information in on styles that go with certain body types and I am all about that as you well know. 

As I have said repeatedly, if you stay with a couple of projects and concentrate on them, you will eventually have a sweater to wear instead of lots of sweaters to knit on.  I pretty pleased with my Hanten back.  The colors are just gorgeous and the yarn - Cheryl Oberle's Dancing Colors you just cannot beat.

I'm doing my darndest to knit a lot on this sweater because later next week, I should have my new colorway from Cheryl to start my Swirl and I know I'll want to be knitting on it when I get it.

A new gadget.  I love gadgets, but I really like my new fitbit.  Not for the counting of food that I eat so much, because I pay WW for that, but more for counting the steps I take and the coolest of all features, is measuring the amount of sleep I get and they times that I sleep and when I wake.  It's kind of cool.

Now, how do these three things go together?  Well, its all about my continuing to focus on a few things in my life.  Looking good in the sweaters I knit, finishing sweaters that I can wear and love, and getting back on the straight and narrow for losing some of this weight AND excercising.  And if I am either concentrating on what I am knitting or exercising, then I won't be eating things that I shouldn't.  Come next Summer, I want to be at goal weight, look good and feel good all the time! 

Want to come along on the ride with me?

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