Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Quest

I am so tired of trying to find the right bag.  I love my Vera Bowlers (yes, I have several).  It's just right when going down the road, I can easily find just what I want by feel.  The only downer on it these days, as it won't hold the knitting I want it to, unless it is a small knit project, and I don't have a lot of those right now.

I've been trying to use my Jordanna Paige this week, but there is just something about it that is not conducive to everyday toting around.  For one thing, I cannot find just what I want as I am driving down the road and I tend to overload it, which is not a good thing.  I definitely like it more for other times, just not every day.

So, the quest continues.  A bag that will do dual duty and look kind of professional like for work as well.  Or also known as something that looks like I am working but really is holding a nice little knitting project. 

The search continues.  Guess I'll go back to my Vera for now.

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