Sunday, August 12, 2012

Its That Day Again

It's Sunday.  So it means Penny is assessing a lot of things today.  The week past, the week to come, things to come and where the knitting is going.

For the last couple of weeks, I have almost only been knitting on my Olympic knitting projcet - Summer Solstice Cardigan out of Briar Rose Fibers, Wistful yarn.  I should finish the body this afternoon and then hopefully, during the closing ceremonies tonight be able to add the collar and the front bands along with deciding where to end the sleeves.

Its been nice knitting on one solid project for a period of time.  It gives one quite the sense of completing something that I have been noodlin on for sometime.

Now that the Olympics are over, I am anxious to start something else, but yes, there are still a couple of things that need a little attention.

This next week, over on Ravelry the Little Edo and the Hanten KALs are starting on the Knitaway Board, and yes, I have both of them as WIPs.  It sure would be nice to get both of them off of the needles for Fall wearing. 

In the meantime, I need to make a decision on what classes I want to take at Vogue Knitting Live in Chicago in late October.  The Early Bird registration ends in the next day or two so that makes a good reason to get that registration. in.  I'm on the wait list for one of the Ysolda classes which I really want to take, but was too cheap to sign up for the packages so I missed out on it.  I don't really have much hope that I will get in to Ysolda's class so I am trying to decide what to take.

Part of the problem is that almost everything else I want to take is on Friday which includes some lectures that I also want to listen too.  Dang it!  The other problem is that I always seem to take a class and then wish I had signed up for what someone else had taken after hearing about their classes.  And then there is that decision as to whether to take a class on Sunday.  By Sundays, sometimes at these things you just want to be home.  The good side - I think I have decided to take Monday off so that really is such a big deal.

I took a little break from the decision process and took a nice shower to noodle on what I should do.  I gave my self a stern talk to while showering which entailed, take what you think you will get the most out of.

For sometime now, readers have heard me talk about my thoughts about what is flattering to wear.  I still think I tend to knit the trend and not what would look good on me.  Sure, you want to knit what is in, but seriously sometimes you need to knit what looks good on you.  And really if I am honest, I still want someone to say to me when I am wearing my knits, wow, that looks good on you, I want to knit it too!  And I need to be able to make those decisions myself and not be dependant on my fellow knitting friend and camp roomate, Linda to tell me not to knit that!

The other area that I need to buff up (and I have taken several classes in but not applied them) is finishing.  Sure, I know how to finish and sew seams, but do I incorporate all that info into my sweaters that I am knitting now?  Not so much.  Do I need to take more classes in that or do I need to just haul my notes out and use what I have spent money to learn already?  That may be a no brainer, huh.

So, now armed with a couple of decisions made, I am ready to go register.  Gosh I feel better about that now.

Then finally, the other thing that keeps my mind a whirling - the perfect purse ( one that is big enough, but classy to hold a knitting project). If my readers have stayed me thus far, let me know if you have an idea for the perfect purse/bag?  -- Well, I'll leave that for tomorrow's blog.

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