Monday, August 20, 2012

UGH! Plumbing Problems!

First it was the upstairs.  So we called the people who remodeled the bathroom, no call back yet.  Now, I realize tonight, that it is not their responsibility, but how about a call back so we could ask who they would recommend.

Then, this morning, whilst I was taking a shower, the downstairs drain backed up.  Ok, still not panicking, but then the toilet wouldn't go down.  So, we call the sewer cleaner outer, he calls back and has it taken care of by noon.

Back upstairs tonight, definitely a problem with the toilet.  Sink and bathtub seems to be okay.  Still no call back.  So, tomorrow we will call a real plumber for it.  We hate plumbing problems.

When the kids were younger, I wished their dad was a pediatrician, now I wish he was a plumber.  He doesn't do well with  plumbing. 

Oh well, look on the bright side, the downstairs bathroom works!

I'm done for today.

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Michelle Nielsen Ott said...

Now I'm having tons of plumbing issues. i should have married a plumber....