Monday, August 27, 2012

It's Fall!

Well, not literally Fall, but seriously, it is time to put the summer knitting away, even though there was a moment in time this weekend when I gave serious thought to casting on for a quick last ditch effort on a sweater out of my Ultra Pima that I bought earlier this Summer.  The notion quickly left.

 Little Mona Lisa is going to need a pumpkin hat, so I picked up these Comfort yarns up for her hat.  I'll start it later this week so I can have it done to take over to her in a couple of weeks.

While at the yarn shop, the new Fall knitting magazines caught my eye.  I gave up my subscriptions to all of these some time ago, deciding to check them out before buying.  My storage room for magazines is seriously full these days and at some point in time, I really am going to have to purge some.  As much as I like an actual magazine in my hands, I am giving thought to buying them electronically.  That would certainly take care of the storage problem.

In the next few days, I'll blog about my thoughts on what I like in the three new magazines.  On the front side, the pictures suck that I took, but you'll get the drift of what I am showing. 

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