Thursday, August 09, 2012

Here We Go Again

This book has been on my mind again!  I seem to be spending a lot of time trying to figure out how I can use yarn that is in the Yarn Room for one of these sweaters.
There are a couple of problems.  Will I have enough of anything?  The yarns that I might use would not be easy to come by extra of.  And I sure would hate to get to the very end of knitting and not have enough.  That just would not be good. 

The second problem is will the yarn I choose be right for the sweater I am knitting.  There are two that I really want to start with.  The first one of course is the same one fellow knit camper, Linda let me try on.  Damn her!  It's all her fault.  I fell in love with her Tangerine Rose and the yarn she knit it out of.

The other one is Going Green.  Well of course, it jumped out at me because it is out of another of my fave colors a limey green.  I saw it in an advertising in Interweave Knits and really liked it.  Oh the decisions.  I really have not had too much time to check it out on Ravelry and see what yarns they are using for it.

There is still the Olympic sweater to finish and I am going to finish it before I start anything else.  I think.

I am really trying hard not to buy yarn right now and use stash yarn and do some finishing.  This being virtuous is tough, you know?!

Back to the Olympics and knitting...only 3 days left.  Must knit faster, must stay off the computer less.

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