Monday, February 04, 2013

It Was A Good Day Yesterday

I bagged up the Girl Scout cookies and started counting my points again.

I got my back knitted for my Eadon.  Tonight, I am going to block it and see what decision needs to be made on casting on the fronts.

I finished my Downton hat.  I like it.  If I were to make another one though, I would go up to the Adult Size 2.  I could use just a bit more room, but I can still wear it when it is uber cold.  Other than that, I am not really a hat wearer.

I am pretty proud that I stuck with these two things this weekend for knitting.  Just goes to show you what focusing on a project does.  Now to keep the momentum going for Mona Lisa's Valentine sweater!

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Michelle Nielsen Ott said...

That was a great day! I have my Girl Scout Cookies in my desk as work, ready to eat when the fetus says so.

I am also not a hat person but I wore one last week when it was bitter cold.