Monday, February 25, 2013

Kicking Myself

Let me start off saying, I promise tomorrow the blog will be much more up beat.  I don't know if it is the realization that I have to go back to work tomorrow after a super fun weekend or the over whelmingness of what I have once again done, but something is going on here and I am beating myself up quite a bit.  The reason I know I am beating myself up is that I am in a plain narly mood.  I can feel it.  

Thank goodness I am home alone today or my family would be bearing the brunt of this foul mood.  But, there is light at the tunnel.  The reason I know that is after sitting down and making a list that I'll share further down, there may be a pin prick of a hole of light shining through.  It is amazing what a little bit of self analysis does for oneself and reflection too.

It all started about an hour after I got home yesterday.  Our last stop for the day of our knit away weekend was at The Dragonfly Yarn Shop in Janesville.  You see, I managed to go the whole weekend without buying yarn!!  Oh, I bought a  new pattern in Delavan, Wisconsin 

and a new shawl pin there too, the day before.  And a new tool, but I am not showing it here, because I bought one for some other friends and I don't want them to see it until I get them from the shop where they are being made.  Thats it, no other yarn, not even from the Fold in Marengo IL that will be definitely a return engagement at a future date, but more on the Fold another day.

Then comes our last stop.  I was perfectly content on not buying anything!  I did not come on the weekend armed with any patterns that I wanted to look for yarn for there, because as I have blogged about before I DO NOT NEED ANY MORE YARN!!  I was on the knit away to simply knit.  And I did really well until yesterday.  You would have thought that I did not have a thing to knit on.  But others were buying, and I just felt the need.  And I did.

 Malabrigo Arroyo.  Do I have a project in mind for this?  No.  Do I think that I have enough yardage for a sweater for me?  Maybe not.  Then why...because as the song goes, we may never pass this way again.  Seriously?!

And then this little number.  I have even less of a use for this but I still bought around 900 yards of it.  No plan, no thoughts, I just liked it and I know that none of my shops have it around here.  You see the trend here?

Fast forward to about an hour ago.  I'm having a moment here.  I have so many projects that like the old woman in the shoe, I don't know what to do.  I think I was on the verge of a meltdown and so I had a strong talk with myself (after losing a fight with a cabinet downstairs).  I sat myself down, cup of chai in hand, took out my handy dandy clipboard and made columns.

Spring 4/1
Spring 5/1
PASG 5/1
Camp 7/1

Next to the columns I made notes as to what I think I would like to accomplish before those dates.  Only two are really set in stone, the rest are all negotiable.  Most of all at the end of this little exercise, I am also adding in with *  - there will be no new yarn purchases except for the camp project or to add to a project.  Really, people I am going to need some help here.  

I am still in a narly mood, but I am going to contribute that to no longer having my quiet time and having to go back to work in 15 hours.  But, good news  Miss Mona Lisa is coming home for a long weekend this Friday morning so things are looking up.


Kristen said...

Oh dear, I know how you feel, but don't beat yourself up! There are way worse vices than our vice!!! And, the yarn won't go anywhere or spoil, so you can knit it at your own pleasure! But I know how you feel, I have buyers remorse after going to Stitches West.

OK, now on another dad lived in Chicago as a boy, and their summer home was at Lake Delavan. Do you think it could be the same place? What is it like, please let me know. He told me about it as it was in the 30s and 40s.

Penny said...

I think Lake Delavan must be close to Lake Geneva. We were outside of Delavan for one of the yarn shops. We did actually see Lake Geneva which was quite frozen over. Lake Geneva is a great place. Lots of nice shopping in their downtown and great places to eat.