Thursday, February 07, 2013

Time for Some Serious Knitting

Spring Knitting - Installment #1

 This bag has all of my Sublime yarns in it for the Mabel's Closet Ensemble in it.  I'm working on them next.  If I don't get these done pretty soon, little Mona Lisa will have to give them up to my great niece to be's wardrobe next Fall.

I've put these on the back burner.  Had a great idea for a sweater out of them, but it just never quite turned into something I really loved. You can see the cast on sitting there.  The rosy pink just wasn't what wanted with these.  These may have to be pushed back to Fall.  Or a Spring cardi for me, perhaps.

Look how this little girl is growin!  Sitting up and everything.  It has been 6 weeks since we have seen her and I am chompin at the bit to get over there to see her.  I am afraid that it may be March until we get there.

Either that or Grandma is going to have to take a couple of days off and go over by her self.  Unfortunately, I just cannot fit it into my work schedule right at the moment.


Kristen said...

That cannot be the little Mona Lisa! How did she get so big already? What an adorable picture of her smiling into the mirror. So cute!

Penny said...

That is exactly what I said Kristen.! Thank you.