Saturday, February 16, 2013

What A Super 24 Hours

We only spent a short time over in Iowa with Mona Lisa, but it was a fun trip.  She is growing so.  Sitting up by herself, eating cereal and fruit, and staying awake much more.  

The Mabel's Closet ensemble I am working on now has a sense of urgency to it.  The Garden Frock looks to fit for right now.  The Cradle Cardigan too, but the sleeves need to be ripped back and shortened along with some shaping, they are way, way too huge at the hem.

She and her Daddy will be over in a couple of weeks for a short visit and I'd like to have the whole ensemble done and ready for her to start wearing then.

It was a great trip, too short, and always fun.  My DIL and her sister introduced me to Orange Leaf last night.  Anybody else ever heard of them?   All I can say is Peoria needs one of those!  It is right up there next too coffee.  Or maybe it is a good thing we don't have one?!

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