Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our Knitting GetAway

Or our version of a Knit Away.  And we have a name, a t-shirt and a mug with our logo on it.

Our destination - Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. One of the nice things of which there are many, the knitting, the yarn crawl (shops between Peoria and our final destination), the getting to know everyone again AND the food.  Friday night we went to a Fish Fry.  Saturday night to Sprechter's that has hard Root Beer, something I have never had but interestingly, it tastes pretty good.

My room upstairs in the yellow nautical house.  I can say this is the one time in all of my travels that the temperature was just right for me sleeping.  Everyone else was sweating.

The 13 of us stayed in side by side nautical theme houses.  Everyone had a beachy, nautical, vacation type house theme within walking distance of downtown.  It was so comfortable that Sue and I stayed in Saturday for the most part and knitted in the big comfy chairs.  All we really needed was a nice little fireplace and the weekend would have been complete.

As I blogged yesterday, our final knity shop destination on Sunday was The Dragonfly Yarn Shop.  Besides the yarn, she carried Knitters Pride Karbonz needles.  I have heard a lot about these lately so I decided to pick up a couple of 16" in my current Mona Lisa Knitting sizes and a set of the 1.5 double point for socks.  I'll review them later this week.

My other purchase was a hand cream that a friend's husband found for us years ago locally.  I loved it then, but have not seen it since he passed away.  I picked me up a big jar and have been using it lots since then.  Not only does it bring back memories, it is so cool to have it on my hands again.

We are under a major storm here in Central IL today and I may just stay home, but this decor on my wall puts me in the mind that this has to be the last one doesn't it?

In the meantime, I have my knitting to keep me warm and thoughts of yet another great Knit Away weekend!

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Cheryl Oberle said...

Hi Penny,
Sounds like the Knitwits (love the name!) had a great weekend. You certainly visited some of my favorite knitting spots in the world. Now you all need to come to Colorado to my Knitaway® in the Studio some time. It is such a special time with the knitters who attend. And to think people laughed at me when I coined the phrase to name my retreats "Knitaway" twenty some years ago. Gosh the word will be in the dictionary next! ;-)

Stay warm and knit! See you in the summer...virtual hugs till then!