Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday - It's A New Week

Woo hoo!  I lost 2.7 pounds and I am taking it!

Spring Knitting - Not quite the Last Installment.

It is raining outside, we had a thunderstorm in February and it is going to be a dreary day.  As soon as I finish up the laundry and have my shower, it will be a good day to sit and knit and get caught up on some DVR stuff and movies.

If you look at retail, they are already putting out their spring stuff.  And seriously as a knitter, we should be putting the final touches on those sweaters for winter and starting some Spring knitting so when the calendar really says Spring, we will be ready for it, not just starting to knit for it.

I am so ready to buy Spring yarn, but alas, my local yarn shop is just starting to shop for spring yarns.  Really?  Well, as readers can tell from previous posts, I have enough Spring yarns to get me going!  I spent a little bit of time this morning over on Ravelry looking at some things that I want to do for the upcoming seasons.  Oh, do I have a list.

One of the things that I seem to be gravitating towards is these little short sleeve/sleeveless numbers.  Unfortunately, God gifted me with these pelican biceps so unless it is 100 degrees, you are never going to be seeing me with my arms exposed.  I'll have to either make a plan for something to go over them or do a little re-write of the pattern to extend the sleeves a bit.

In a couple of weeks, I'll be heading out for a nice weekend with knitting friend to our annual knitting getaway.  I have already started planning on what knitting to take.  At first, the plan was Mona Lisa's Closet, but now I am wondering if it shouldn't be some of  the yarn I bought at last year's knitting getaway.

This one is technically a Spring knit.

This one not so much!  And there are others.

Maybe, I should ban myself from buying any yarn on this getaway until I finish last years?!  Maybe, I should take a page from Mel's last video podcast and spend more time knitting and less time on the internet.

Chuckle!  That is rich.

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