Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Sprinkle

Have you heard of having a sprinkle?  One of our young gals at work is having a baby next month, and  they are having a sprinkle for her in just a couple of weeks.  So, I really had to haul out the afghan I was going to knit for her and get going on it today.

It is an easy knit, one that I have knit before in similar colors for the girl who does my hair.  Big needles and double yarn out of Cascade Yarns, Pacific.  It is a good project to do tonight while watching the ice skating finals.

Speaking of ice skating, have you picked out your Ravellinics project yet?  I believe I am going to pull out my Eadon from Briar Rose yarn.  I started it a couple of years ago and it might be a nice project to finish during the Olympics.

I had to set my Tangerine Rose from Knit! Swirl! out of Dancing Colors while I am working on the baby afghan.  I finally got it to the point where I am knitting back and forth and not in the round.  You can see the marker from my last post about it.

Even with finally being at the split, there is a lot of knitting to go on it.  The colorway of Dancing Colors is Agate.  It is a wonderful mix of colors of red, orangey red and olive green.

Maybe I'll still be knitting on my Tangerine Rose for the Ravellinics.  I could push myself to finish it during that period.  But, that's a month away so I still have time to decide.   For now, it's a baby blanket that must be finished first!

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