Friday, January 03, 2014

In A Quandary

Last summer at Knit Camp, I ordered from Denise at this beautiful silk yarn.
1000 yards of yummy silkiness.

That was in July.  I put it into the yarn room for a future project, knowing that I wanted it to be a shawl, but not really sure which one.  When I heard in August that she was going to be at Stitches Midwest, I contacted her for another skein of it and had my friend Debbie pick it up for me when she was there.  After I got the second skein, I started looking at patterns that I wanted to knit with it, and realized that I now had 2000 yards of the yarn and most of them only took less than 1000 yards.

Wanting to use almost all of the 2000 yards, the search began on what I could knit that would use most of the yardage up.  In comes the quandary.

Shall I knit the Cap Shawl out of Victorian Lace Today?

The Firmaments  from the Webs site?

Both of these have potential problems for me right from the get to.  I am not overly adept at that circular cast on, which almost makes me want to throw the needles and yarn across the room.  And, frankly, those circular shawls go on forever.  (I still have not finished my Pi Shawl).

Also, in the running is Arachnes Bower from Cheryl Oberle.  I think it would make a great wrap for the Spring and Summer.

And I love the Irish Diamond Shawl but I am afraid that my 2000 yards will not be enough for it.

You see the quandary I am having?  And for some reason I feel the need to cast on now for it!

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