Monday, January 27, 2014

Knitting Notion Bags

Well, it depends on what bag I have and where I am knitting.

My go to shop bag has an Altoids tin with stitch markers, cable needles, Knit Picks needle ends and tightener.  My freebie CEFCU tape measure, blue highlighter tape, a crochet hook, my Gingher scissors that I have had forever and some odd yarn to use as stitch holders.   Just the basics.

For my bag that goes to places that it is going to be sitting on a "public" floor, my Namaste container features a magnetic top and bottom which holds just a few things for a quick knit night out.  A sewing up needle, the Knit Picks needle tightener, end caps for my new Caspian neeldes, a itty bitty pencil, fold up scissors, some stitch markers and my Loopy Ewe tape measure.

And for my big bag that goes with me on retreats and trips.  I have a double mesh bag from Walker Bags.  It has cable needles, crochet hooks in a couple of sizes, highlighter tape, stitch markers, a 7 inch ruler, my Chibi container of needles, a needle gauge for Knit Picks needles and Inox needles. an erasable marker, some pens and a pencil, my scissors with my scissor fob that Norma made for me years ago, a couple of row counters, a note pad and two Patternworks plastic cards that I have had forever that gives yardages needed for garments and other fun things.

What is in your notions bag?

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