Friday, January 10, 2014

Just A Little Spring

In the midst of Winter, out comes a touch of Spring.  The Spring 2014 Pantone Colors.  But, you know something, I am kind of glad that it is still Winter, because I am at least right now, not so crazy about them.  I have a whole lot of Winter knitting, I still want to do.  Even though, I am already longing for Spring to come.  But, seriously, it is just January, there is a long way to go til then.

This week in Central IL, we certainly have had a range of weather.  Some major snow last weekend, and then on Monday/Tuesday, the super frigid cold weather that kept a lot of people home on Monday from work, me included.  Now, today, it is raining majorly and the snow is melting a bit.  Later this weekend, it is supposed to be 40 degrees and sunny. 

During the Christmas break, I bought a couple of new coats.  The black one is a definite as I have already wore it.  The criteria for my coat purchase was that I was able to put it over heavy sweaters and jackets.  This one fits the bill.  But, I think it may need a cowl or something.

The red one hasn't quite made the grade yet, but I do love it.  It doesn't fit as well over sweaters as the black one does, but I sure do like it. I'm leaving the tags on it for now, because I think it may have to go back.

With my new coat purchases, I kind of want to knit a new cowl for it and this one from Churchmouse Yarns has been calling my name.

It is out of Kidsilk Haze and Kidsilk Haze Eclipse.  Yes, it may be a bit of knitting, but I think it will be great practice for another little sweater I am planning to knit for next Christmas out of Kidsilk, but hey first lets get through this Winter right?!

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