Monday, January 06, 2014

It's A Cold and A Snow Day

The plan was to go back to work today after two whole weeks.  Where I work never closes, so it really is a vacation day.  The current temp right now is -14 degrees and so there was no way I was going in.  So, it is actually a vacation day (one last one for me), the plan is to return to work tomorrow one way or the other.

What does one do on a cold and snow day, besides look out the window?  You got it cast on something new?

This is my Madelinetosh Merino Light that I just did a little practicing on of the circular cast on.  The yarn was originally purchased for a Hannah Fettig sweater.  In a weak moment, I thought it might want to be a circular shawl, but I am pretty sure in the light of sunlight, that may not be the case.

After abandoning multiple attempts of circular cast on for the Cap Shawl, I believe this one now is going to be the Learning Curve Shawl, a half circle shawl that has potential.

Some Liberty Wool is a test for me of the Doubled Chevron Cowl.  It is one of the accent pieces that I am thinking about as part of my 2014 Knit and Fit accessories.  If I would just behave and sit and knit today, I think this has potential for wearing later this week.

Tangerine Rose, this one too has potential for making progress today, if only I can decide which I want to be knitting on.

I have a whole season of The Americans that I can watch today while doing some sort of knitting.  I kind of like this easing back into work thing!

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