Saturday, February 21, 2015

Could I Have Some Spring Please?

I'm fed up with this weather and my knitting.

I want Spring, sunny skies, warmer weather, sandals, cute Spring bags and spring colors in my clothes and knits.  I'm tired of wearing turtlenecks, coats, boots, warming the car, snow and the threat of snow.  I want to sit outside on my porch at night with my knitting watching the world go by drinking a nice glass of wine or a cuppa.

In between all the places I have to be this weekend,  I've started a bit of planning for Spring.  This morning's AM Style on QVC perked me up a bit and made a dent in my start of Spring wardrobe.

Then came the knitting.  I have been telling myself, finish one more of your Winter sweaters, then you can start Spring.  Frankly, that has not really been very motivating.  Why knit on something you don't want to be knitting on!  Commence the what I will call Early Spring knitting plans.  You know those knits that you want to wear at the end of March and all of April before the wearing of tanks and sandals really sets in.

I've narrowed it down to three to start with.   The first is Alana Dakos' Gnarled Yoke.  The yarn is from Chris at Briar Rose Fibers.  I've blogged the yarn before.  I can see this one over a black shirt like the one the model is wearing or even a yellow or white tank.  I've spent a bit of time trying to decide what this yarn wanted to be and I think with the help of a couple of friends we have hit on the right sweater.

My second sweater is Featherweight.  I've had the MadTosh yarn for at least a year and the book for probably as long.

I knew from reading up on the pattern on Ravelry that I was going to have to make some adjustments to the pattern.  What I was reading was that the sleeves were a tight fit and I knew just from the photo that I was going to have to lengthen it a bit AND close that front up.  I do not need/like my sweaters to be that open.  But, as luck would have it,  while I was deciding whether I wanted to make that many adjustments on my own, Amy Herzog in collaboration with Hannah Fettig brought it to Custom  Fit.

I hopped on that one, because I already am a customer of Knit to Fit and knew that this was going to be the answer to my problems with the pattern.  I put in my gauge swatch measurements and sure enough Custom  Fit spit out a pattern that I can live with.

The final sweater for my Early Spring list is Maderia.  I started this one last year much too late in the season for Summer wearing.  It is being reprised for Early Spring as it looks really cute over a long sleeve t-shirt.

So now I have three early Spring sweaters that I am off to knit on.  Even if the weather isn't very Spring like, it is never to soon to start knitting for Spring!

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