Sunday, February 22, 2015

Parting Ways

Very early this morning when I woke up, I decided to have a go at getting this little knit ready for our annual knitting trip.  This is was going to be Feather Weight from CustomFit.  I was even doing it in pieces just to try the whole sewing up thing .

 What I like about CustomFit, is even though Amy is a sewing up kind of designer, she also gives you instructions to do the whole thing as seamlessly as possible.  It requires a bit of calculating and thinking instead of just blindly knitting, but hey, I am up to that.

I decided to rip mine out and it do it seamlessly, I guess this wasn't the sweater to be sewing up anyway.  And I wasn't super crazy about knitting it on my Addi-Cliks.  I am kind of sold on my Chiagoo Red Lace Interchangeables.  Unfortunately, the size 4s are in the Gnarled Oak, so I decided to go up a size to a five.  I figured I can always use a bit of extra room and for me going up to a five generally doesn't make too much a larger stitch in gauge.

The measurements when done at the hip was giving me about five inches less than what I really was going to need.  The sleeve measurements that I blogged about yesterday were fine, but the front was still going to hang open way too much for this body!  Way too much.

Okay, so no problem, I'll just revert back to the original pattern in the book (Hannah does it from the top down) and I can just do a larger size and handle the sleeves a different way.  (I've totally done that before).

But, here is a potential problem.

You can see what is happening in these pictures. Is this just from shlepping it around with me?  Or maybe from ripping it out so much?

After investigating, I just think this is not the pattern for this yarn.  I do not want to spend time knitting something that cannot be worn or that I am unhappy with.  I am off to see if I can find an alternative for it.  Maybe I nice shawl.

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