Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Okay, That's Enough Time

It's time to cast on some sweaters, some last of the Winter sweaters before we get serious about knitting for Spring.

Do you have a comfy, cozy sweater you just love wearing?  I do.  But as you can tell from this pic, it has absolutely NO shaping.  It is a very simple sweater, top down, raglan sleeves from Knitting Pure and Simple.  Besides no shaping, I cut it a bit short in the length of both the body and the sleeves.  With the combination of no shaping and the body length, it is not the most flattering of all sweaters.  But, still I wear it.

I get a lot of compliments on the yarn when I wear the sweater.  I knit it out of a strand of Webs Valley Yarns and a strand of a very lightweight mohair.  The combo is a super soft fabric with a very slight halo.  A smart person would try to duplicate it and lengthen the pattern and put some shaping in it.  But, who said I was a smart person.  

Today, at this moment, I am looking for two sweaters to cast on.  The first one is  for the next comfy cozy sweater.  Besides, being comfy and cozy, it has to be a sweater that is a go to sweater around the house, one that you can throw on no matter what you are wearing, run out to the car real quick, or downstairs (where it is a bit chilly) or throw over the jammies for a bit to get warm.  Most of all, it cannot shed and I am thinking it has to be a fairly easy knit, one that can go to any knitting venue.

The winner is Effortless by Hannah Fettig.  I've wanted to knit either Effortless or Breezy (the lighter weight version) for going on several years now.  I, even started it once out of Wistful from Briar Rose Fibers that eventually became my Cusco (that by the way I love wearing too).  

I bought Wistful again (this is my 3rd color way in it), last year.  It had intended to be a different sweater, but never quite materialized.  I think this color way will be perfect for what I am looking for. 

The second is another go to sweater, but this one has to be one that has some shaping, fits well and looks good.  One that can be worn on casual Fridays.  Heck, I am thinking I need more than one of these as my wardrobe for Fridays has changed from a t-shirt with writing on it to something a bit more professional as I seemed to be having more meetings on Fridays where even though I am wearing my jeans, the waist up needs to be not so casual, you know what I mean.  

Picking out sweaters  is hard isn't it?!  There are so many choices out there that I want to knit.  Instead of spending all my time trying to decide, I've decided to let the fates decide.  I put them on pieces of paper like I did my socks for 2015 and I am picking them out blindly.  The yarn will be my Joyful yarn that I have blogged about before.  It has been burnin a whole on my needles to start knitting, I've just had a really hard time deciding which pattern it wants to be.  I like all of my possibilities.  

The winner and final answer is Gnarled Oak Cardigan from Coastal Knits.  It hits the spot as there is shaping, draws the eye up and best of all, it is not knit in pieces.

Whew, those were some hard decisions that took way too much time.  Now, that those decisions are over, it's time to cast on and knit some!

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