Thursday, February 12, 2015

Knitting Friendships

Do you knit with others?  If you don't, I feel for you.  I am so lucky to have a core of knitters that I am really feeling comfortable with.

Yesterday, we celebrated one of the Knit Wits retiring.  

This morning, some of us gathered at the Hospice Home for prayer shawl knitting with the  group of prayer shawl knitters.   We had coffee, ate some bagels, shared what we were knitting on, saw some lovely shawls and blankets that were turned in, heard stories from staff and volunteers.  One of the daughters of a patient stopped in to tell us how much her shawl was appreciated. Dang it, I  cry at communion, you can imagine how many times the tears came to my eyes this morning.  But, they are good tears, because not only does it make you feel like what you are doing really matters, but gives you a sense of just how trivial my so called problems may be.  Every time we meet, my life is so put into perspective.  

This evening, the Knit Wits celebrated again the retirement of our Knit Wit and also her birthday with a potluck, cake and oh yes, wine.  Oh what a night.  We had so much fun, knitting, eating, talking and laughing.  Oh, how we laughed.  

Knitters are the best, aren't they?!    If you don't have a group, go to your local yarn shop, and camp out at their knit nights and you will see what I mean.

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