Thursday, February 19, 2015

Knitting Wardrobe For Camp

It would be obvious by the last couple of blogs, that I am super stoked about knitting camp.  With the official letter of acceptance, the whole what shall I take for Show and Tell becomes something that I am thinking of/planning from the moment I know I am going.  Sure, I've had a whole year to be knitting on something really super fantastic, but this year, it's really hard.  I've tossed around a couple of ideas, but if I don't start putting them into fruition, I am going to have bupkis to show.

Last year, I had my super shawl from my favorite spinner's yarn and I was so excited to have it.  It still is one of my fave knits.

Why do we/I worry about what show and tell I have?  Because this is like a big freakin deal.  These are my knitting friends from around the U.S. /knitting family and hey, you want to look good and frankly, I like the ooo ahhh factor, who doesn't?  Let's be honest, don't you all secretly want your knitting peers to acknowledge what you have done?  When that doesn't happen, I want to say, ahem, do you notice that I am wearing something that I created?

If you could see the list of attendees that are going to our camp, you would see why so much time goes into the planning of a knitting wardrobe for camp. To me, these are some super cool people, and I have seen just how super cool their stuff/designs are, so you would understand why I want to dress to impress.

Check out these websites from some of the many  fellow knit campers:

The Rainey Sisters

Knit Addict

Feral Knitter



Lost City Knits


Amy Detjen

Our hosts for the weekend - Schoolhouse Press

This is just a smattering of the talent that will be there this year!  I'm sorry though  two of my faves won't be there.  Two nicer and more generous women you will ever meet, Cheryl and Chris.  Both have amazing yarns and patterns, I love knitting on their yarns.

Cheryl Oberle

Briar Rose Fibers

Ok, I'm done blogging about Knit Camp, for now.

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