Monday, February 16, 2015

Sometimes You Knit, Sometimes You Rip

Tonight, it would seem was a ripping night.  Three projects all had to be ripped out or ripped back.

First up was the Kimono Shawl.  Last night, while pushing things around in my knitting bag, I somehow managed to pull out the last 19 stitches.  It was a pretty easy fix, but really drove home at least to me, why I like putting my projects in separate project bags for each project.  (That and I like bags)

Second up was a little sweater for either Mona Lisa or Bella.  They are both in the same size despite being a year apart.  I started the Kiddy Vertebrae last Fall in size 4 figuring one of them could wear it.  
I, also thought I'd have it done before Christmas, and would give it to one of them then.  Not!  So, I ripped it off the needles and figured I re-cast on in a size 5.  Problem 1, I won't have enough yarn as it was a kit and by switching it to the Vertebrae instead of the pattern in the kit, there was not going to be enough yarn. I am hoping there is another kit at the shop that I can buy, and then I'll be home free.  Just in case, I am not going to knit much further on it until I can confirm that.

The last rip out tonight really had me bummed.  324 stitches on a provisional cast on.  Late last night, I did a quick measure on what I had knit so far.  3 stitches to the inch without blocking.  Now, before you ask, yes, I did a gauge swatch some time back AND blocked it.  And I was good to go then.  I thought it was quite odd that I was going up a needle size or two (this never happens to me), but thank goodness, I did a measure last night, before I get too far along on this project.

I know what blocking a 324 stitch project and I do not want this one to be an epic fail.  I wasn't real happy that I was going to have to cast on again, but sometimes that is just what you have to do.
Now, my norm would be just to rip it back to the end as quickly as I can so I can re-cast on.  I think the first cast on was done in 100 stitch increments, so it took me a couple of sittings to work up to it.
But, this time, I took it slow and was so happy with what I saw when I looked down.

The cast on stitches were sitting there so nice and pretty, just waiting for me to stick my size 8 needle through them.  I only had one that I had to re-pick up.   Talk about excited!

Alls well and I am ready to knit a bit tonight finally.

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