Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It's All About The Plan - Shopping

It's another 3 hour tour.  Well, okay, it's three days.  This coming weekend, it is our annual knitting trip.  This year we are going over to Zionsville/Indianapolis. When we first decided on the location, we figured it would be another nice little jaunt, until we found out that it is the start of Roving Indiana, a yarn crawl!

I'm so excited!  I started my plan of attic.  First of all, I took the list of shops we are going to and pulled up their websites.  I like to prepare ahead of time, see what yarns they may carry that I might be interested in.  Of course, there will always be surprises, but when faced a multitude of new yarns, I want to be smart about what I am buying.

Next, I started making a list of knits that I want to knit but do not have think I have anything for.  I am in Spring mode and am hoping that the shops over there may have something to get me started.

On my list:
 Symmetry in Motion.  I love the color way that the Ravelry page shows this in.
Hey Girl - I can see this in a peach or a coral yarn
Vonica  - Something neutral maybe
Uma -- The Elbow Sleeve version

And yes, I'm have a bit of Chic Knits fan girl moment.  I really Bonne Marie's sweater patterns, they fit me well and she gets the whole shaping thing.  Well, and I do like the almost no sewing together.

Now, I am off to see what knitting needs to make the trip!

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