Saturday, February 07, 2015

End Of the Week Miscellaneous Stuff

Baby Boy A and Mona Lisa were supposed to be spending the weekend with us, but the poor baby is sick with a temp.  So, plans swiftly changed from a houseful of fun to the normal stuff this weekend, knitting at the shop (an always good way to spend a Saturday morning), laundry (almost done) and planning the next week out.

Since I didn't need to clean the table off for dining, I finally got to blocking the Wool Peddler's Shawl. With a little help from the fan blowing on it (my go to now for almost everything I block) for quick blocking, I am pretty sure I'll be able to take this one off the table tomorrow.

I wound some more Chateau, not Chalet, tonight and put into what is now going to be my bag for the current prayer shawl in progress.  This will be the perfect bag to take to work for lunch time knitting and for Monday's pedicure.

I am hoping to have this one done and blocked so it can go to the Hospice Home next Thursday.  Maybe, if I stay focused on knitting it this weekend and the first of next week, I can make it happen.
No promises though.

The lighting tonight really does not convey the true color of this shawl, it really is way more of a deeper aqua than the photo appears above.  I like the super softness of Chateau, but the sharpness of my needle wants to pierce the yarn easily, so I have to keep my wits about when knitting it.  I am also knitting it on a large needle which is not my norm.

I had a bit of a hole that I had to address and then re-knit, but finally I am back on track with it.  You can see from the photo below the truer color of the yarn.  It's beautiful and oh so soft with alpaca in it.

A few weeks back, several of us went in together and bought some really cool zip bags.  Only problem, we were not paying too much attention to the size or at least I know I wasn't and this is what we got.

They will be perfect for storing some blankets in them during the Summer, but in the mean time, I found the perfect purpose for one of mine.  I can sit it in front of my swatch blocking vent and now it can be used to protect the floor from the water while drying my sweaters that have to be air dried.   Not bad, not bad at all.

Another super cool gadget I got recently is this large chart holder.  I love it!  The magnets on it really hold the chart in place and I can sit it strategically on my chair while knitting.

The magnets on it really hold the chart in place and I can sit it strategically on my chair while knitting.

It works so much better than using the laptop as a pattern holder, but it works in a pinch if you need something.

I am currently working on a post about podcasts that I hope to have put together in a couple of days.  Until then, have a relaxing weekend!

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