Sunday, February 15, 2015

Stash Enhancement Saturday

I dodged the bullet a couple of weeks ago when the Knit 4 Together was taking orders for Cherry Tree Hill Broadband yarn.  How did that happen?  Well, I bought some a year ago March when we were on the Yarn Crawl for the Knitting Pipeline Retreat.  The shawl I started is still in progress.

Then, I got a wild hair and bought another skein from the same shop a couple of months ago.  They had a couple of different shawls out of it hanging that just spoke to me.  I could see this over a couple of turtle necks that I currently wear.

And then yesterday, all the orders came in at Knit 4 and the shop had extras.  Dang it.  I gotta stop sitting next to Becky.  She gets me into trouble every time.  Not only did I buy one of the same color way, but she had me talked into buying a second so I can make a larger shawl.

I have no will power.    So what.


Andi said...

Heh- those darn enabling friends! :)
Beautiful stash enhancements.

Sue said...

If you decide you just can't have them in your stash, I have room in mine- gorgeous colors!!!